10 Things An Effective Church Vision Must Do


By Brian K. Dodd

An effective church vision has been described as many things.

Bill Hybels calls vision “a picture of the future that produces passion and puts people in it.”  Others say it is a picture of a preferred future.  I say vision is what you see, feel and hear on Sunday compounded over time.

Regardless of what definition resonates most with you, there are 10 Things An Effective Church Vision Must Do:

  1. An Effective Church Vision has to paint a very clear picture of the future.
  2. An Effective Church Vision must be measurable:
  3. An Effective Church Vision unites generations and multiple constituents around Kingdom purposes.
  4. An Effective Church Vision places short-term strategies into long-term perspective.
  5. An Effective Church Vision rings with clarity of future direction .  It must take the church somewhere.
  6. An Effective Church Vision is memorable.  Hearers should be able to repeat the primary elements.
  7. An Effective Church Vision is inspiring.  It excites and enthuses the hearer!
  8. An Effective Church Vision is ambitious.  It involves faith, courage and risk.  It’s so big than unless God is in it, it’s not happening!
  9. An Effective Church Vision is relevant to those the church has reached and has been called by God to reach.
  10. An Effective Church Vision is translated into measurable strategies.

Does your church’s vision do this?  If not, allow me to give you 9 statements on the subject of vision Austin Stone Community Church’s pastor Matt Carter gave at 2015 Velocity Conference which will help you:

  1. Step 1 in casting vision is to make sure your people love Jesus more than they love the vision you are casting.
  2. Make sure your vision is God’s vision.
  3. If God doesn’t build the vision, He will tear it down.
  4. Cast first to your church those visions you absolutely know are the Lord’s.
  5. There’s all kind of vision in this Book.  Just open it up and your people will follow.
  6. Make sure your vision is biblical.  You want to make sure you can defend the vision biblically.
  7. When your vision is a biblical vision, the people arguing with it are not arguing with you.  They are arguing with God.
  8. Make sure you are passionate about the vision.
  9. Let’s be pastors who cast vision that are worth people giving their life for.


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