The Marissa Mayer Resume – A Revolutionary One-Page CV


The Marissa Mayer Resume – A Revolutionary One-Page CV

You may or may not be familiar with the latest trend in resumes – the Marissa Mayer Resume. Currently the CEO of Yahoo!, Marissa Mayer’s one-page curriculum vitae seems to perfectly showcase her experience in the technology industry. Furthermore, it highlights her skills and proficiency, track record of success and core individual values.

As anybody knows, it’s a challenge for anyone to condense all of their accomplishments and experience into one page of info. Just imagine how hard it is for the CEO of a huge company to do the same! Start-up company EnhanCV created this mock-up which shows what Marissa’s Resume would look like using the tools available on their platform. It incorporates information about her work history and specific accomplishments along with visual representations of how she uses her time and some of her core values.

If you’ve had trouble condensing your resume down to a one-page document, you may be able to learn from this example how to make it work. Here are some tips for condensing your own resume based on Marissa Mayer’s incredible CV.

How To Make your own Marissa Mayer CV

Marissa Mayer Resume - Time Spent Graph
Graph of how Yahoo CEO spends her time |

This graph does a fantastic job of showing a prospective employer how Marissa spends her time. A chart like this shows what you’re doing each day to succeed in the present and invest in the future. The item regarding cupcakes is a bit of an insider’s joke regarding an incident you can read more about here. Mayer is also known for her incredible energy and claims to have worked 130-weeks at Google on a regular basis.

Marissa Mayer Resume - Most Proud Of...
A new take on Achievements – Most proud of list on Yahoo CEO’s CV |

Alongside her extensive professional accomplishments, the resume lists Mayer’s most significant points of pride. These points indicate times when Mayer either participated in an important project or showed a special character trait through her decisions. More than ever, employers are looking to hire people with winning qualities rather than winning qualifications. This section highlights that Mayer has the character and core values to succeed in any environment. How might you fill in this section on your own CV?


Here’s the full Marissa Mayer resume. It just goes to show that you can fit all of the necessary information about your career onto a single page!




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