Successful CV Writing


Successful CV Writing

Getting a strong CV or resume ready is an integral part of the job searching process. A good curriculum vitae (CV) is essential, especially when there are many candidates for the same position. Your objective at this point in the process is to get to an interview, and then you can sell yourself to the employer.

Stand Out From The Crowd With A Strong CV

We will look at sample CV’s and best format to use for different positions, also CV examples, and CV templates.

Remember that Recruiters have hundreds of applications for each job, and on their first sort through of CV’s they are looking for a reason to reject applicants, to reduce the” in” stack! So if you can’t be bothered to present a professional CV with no errors, and to demonstrate that you have researched the job and believe you are right for it, your CV will be on the “out” stack!

Show the best of what you’ve got and who you are

It’s about selling your skills and experience, and showing them you’re the right person for the job. It should make it easy for employers to appraise your key skills and work experience to determine whether you’re appropriate for the role.

Make Your CV Targeted

Your CV needs to be a targeted document for the role you are applying for. We will show you how to tailor your CV for the role by reviewing your CV against a job specification and make sure that it highlights that you’re the right match for the job.

You may need several CV’s or resumes for different sectors you have worked in and wish to apply for now.

Use Keywords And Power Words

We will look at specific keywords, and provide you with a list of power words you can use to enhance your cv. We will show you how to turn negative statements into more positive statements.




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