When PURPOSE is not known abuse is inevitable!

Dr. Myles Munroe

The greatest problem on earth is for men to live without a CAUSE, while most humans still abuse their fellow human kind with hard torture is a lack of the understanding of Why God Created Man in the first place? Why most men live in LACK amidst ABUNDANCE is SACRITY of understanding of the reason of their BEING.

If the sum total of your life is to go to School, get a good job or have a good business, marry and have children then I submit to you; you are still very far from while God created you.

Life on earth is far more than having Money, Cars, Houses, Children and Companies. In these writing you are about to discover why you are BORN.

This is one of the most important verse of the Bible in understanding God’s eternal plan for mankind:

“And God [Elohim] said, Let US make man in OUR image…”(Gen 1:26).

1. Revealed By His Name
Elohim is a plural noun and the first of the seven convenant names of the creator- God found in the Bible. The plural from suggests the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit. (Note ‘us’: plural from used of God in Genesis 3:22.)
2. Revealed In His Action
In Matthew 3:16,17 God the Father speaks from Heaven – as God the Holy Spirit descends on God the Son.
In this incident, God’s three ‘Person’ are clearly seen. A tri-partite God presents intellectual difficulties to monotheists (we who believe there is ONE God).
Men have sought for centuries to explain the mystery of how God is ONE (Deut 6:4) – yet revealed in THREE Persons. The triune Godhead can never be adequately explained to the satisfaction of our carnal curiosity. However, some help does exist.
3. Revealed In His Creation
The Apostle Paul teaches us that we can understand the Godhead by the things that are made (Rom 1:20). So we will look at some illustrations from God’s Creation.
a. Man: God made man in His likeness. Man is there in one. Man is spirit, soul and body – yet one (Ths 5:23).
b. Water: Water is one – yet when frozen, becomes ice; when warmed, becomes liquid; when heated, becomes vapor (steam) – yet all three are one.
c. Egg: An egg is three parts, yet one, It consist of the shell; the white; the yoke – three, yet one.
“And God [Elohim] said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let THEM have DOMINION…”
1. The Inheritence Of All Mankind
God created mankind (THEM) to be federal or sovereign head over His Creation. “What is man?…Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands… Thou hast put all things in subjection under him” (Ps 8:5; Heb 2:8).
This wasn’t just for Adam and Eve, but their offspring as well. It was the inheritance of all mankind who would maintain God’s image (character) and likeness (authority).
Adam and Eve, as co-regents of Creation, represented the model for this dominion to be expressed in family and marriage: “…heirs together…” (1Pet 3:7). This wonderful inheritance by deception and guile.
2. A Shared Dominion
The words “let THEM have dominion implies clearly it was ultimately to be a SHARED dominion – not one-man rule, nor dictatorship or imperialistic rule.
We must keep a clear distinction between the satanic desire to rule (by himself alone) and the biblical promise of SHARED authority through a corporate body, made in the image and likeness of God.
Satan said, “I will exalt my throne above the stars of God… I will be like the Most High” (Isa 14:13,14). Satan convinced Eve”…you shall be as God[Elohim]…”(Gen 3:5) if she would eat of the forbidden fruit. Note the singular from in both these passages of Scripture. “I will…”,. “You [singular] shall…”
To want dominion by one’s self alone, seperate from others, is to rebel against God. It is satanic, carnal and evil.
To desire dominion that emanates out of union with Christ and obedience and fellowship with Christ and His Body (the Church) is spiritual, scriptural and right.
God’s purpose through a many-membered Body (1Cor 12:27) is that THEY (plural – meaning together) share His image and likeness (charater and ability).
To the extent WE do, there can flow out from US tremendous spiritual power.
“And with great power gave the APOSTLES [note plural form] witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them ALL “(Acts 4:33).
To seek God’s power for one’s own selfish, singular purpose will lead to spiritual disaster. Note the following:
a. Moses: Shared Authority. Moses refused to have God’s power by himself alone, praying that God kill rather than make him a great ruler apart from the people (Exo 32:32,33; Deut 9:14). Moses understood the principle of corporate or shared authority.
b. Kings: Do Not Share Authority. Kings were never God’s perfect will (Judg 8:23; 1Sam 8:7). They did not represent SHARED dominion.
c. Jesus: Shared Authority. Jesus took great joy in knowing His ministry would be carried on through many.
“Wherefore when he cometh into the world he saith… a body hast thou prepared me” (Heb 10:5)
Jesus SHARED His power and authority with a team(body). “Then he called his TWELVE disciples together, and gave THEM power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases. And he sent THEM to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick… After these things the Lord appointed other SEVENTY also, and sent them TWO and TWO…into every city…to…heal the sick” (Luke 9:1; 10:1,8,9).
The minimum Jesus worked through was TWO. Shared authority (team ministry) keeps us from falling into the snares of the devil. “Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor” (Eccl 4:9).
d. Believers: Will Share Dominion.
Those that are faithful in this present life will SHARE DOMINION with Christ throughout eternity. “To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in His throne… and shall reign with him a thousand years… and they shall reign for ever and ever ” (Rev 3:21; 20:6, 22:5).
e. Believers: Will Share Glory. The faithful followers of Jesus who suffer, because of Jesus who suffer, because of doing His will, SHARE their glory TOGETHER. “…if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified TOGETHER” (Rom 8:17).
3. Shared Dominion Protects From Deception
Many (Who even profess to be followers of the God of the Bible) go astray because their pursuit of dominion is carried on in a lawless, selfish, unbiblical way. They boast in their PERSONAL power (or their hope for future personal power). Such pursuits lead to deception, just as it did for Eve (1 Tim 2:14).
The Spirit of truth will cause us to ask God for His power, and pray for it together and receive it together with other believers. In this way, we are protected by the principle of SHARED dominion.
“THEY lifted up THEIR voice to God with one accord, and said…grant unto thy SERVANTS, that with all boldness They may speak thy word, By stretching forth thine hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by the name of thy holy child Jesus.
“And when THEY had prayed, the place was shaken where THEY were assembled together; and THEY were all filled with the Holy Ghost and THEY spoke the word of God with boldness…They had all things common”(Act 4:24,29-32).

God made man to have dominion.

If dominion is given to us, it is to be expressed by walking in close fellowship with other (1Jn 1:7), constantly submitting to God, as we resist the devil( Jas 4:7).

We are here on Earth to make this world a more better, conduesive, productive, healthy place to be. Not amass fortune at the expense of others. We are to live like God on earth, dominate all creatures not human beings. God created us equal but we have the choice to distinguish ourselves in sphere of Influence.

Our Mission is to be; to pursue a Cause that will benefit all mankind. 



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