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A marketing leader adapts to the shifting landscape. They thrive on the proliferation of data at their disposal. They look at the plethora of marketing technology tools and services critically, yet with optimism. They appreciate the distinction between being data-driven and data-influenced, never losing sight of marketing’s vision and mission: to humanize the relationship between brands and consumers.

We’ve bundled three of our top reports to aid marketing leaders in their continued focus on driving innovation into their teams and marketing efforts. With in-depth analysis on marketing analytics, personalization, and marketing technology tools, these reports together will keep you ahead of the curve in the constantly evolving world we’ve come to know as marketing.

Our Marketing.FWD CMO Report Bundle includes:

The State of Marketing Analytics: Insights in the age of the customer

There’s more data available than ever, and that’s exactly why it’s so challenging to truly make sense of marketing data. While cloud-based data platforms have accelerated the availability and access of marketing data, it hasn’t made the marketer’s job any easier. It’s just the opposite. ‘Mo’ data, mo’ problems.’ This report will help you navigate the evolving landscape of marketing analytics in the age of the customer.

Marketing Personalization: Maximizing relevance and revenue

These are the early days for many forms of personalization, but there is now substantial evidence in the form of data and case studies – both of which are included in this report – that personalization works. Our survey of 506 marketers finds that between 70% and 94% have seen an increase in effectiveness of various key metrics by employing personalization, depending on the specific metric. 

The State of Marketing Technology: Cost of ownership and return on investment

In this edition of the State of Marketing Technology, we look at the total cost of ownership across the most popular martech categories and show the ROI attributable to each of them. We also look at different approaches to marketing technology management, including insights on the shift from on-premise to cloud-based solutions, and uncover the reality of how many marketing technology projects fail to return on their investment. 

How to get these reports:

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Don’t need all three reports? You can also purchase these reports individually at their full price here:

  1. The State of Marketing Analytics: Insights in the age of the customer
  2. Marketing Personalization: Maximizing relevance and revenue
  3. The State of Marketing Technology: Cost of ownership and return on investment
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