A man can inherit a house and money from his parent; only the Lord can give him a sensible wife (Proverbs 19:14). God loves relationship particularly that of marriage; as such He was the one, not man that initiated, ordained and instituted marriage, not only that he also started the blue print for by which one can follow to have successful marriage as found( Eph 54:21). In choosing a life partner, the one that you will spend the whole of your life with, demands great caution and care, it demands that you clarify yourself on the following: Marriage is not for boys and girls, but for responsible persons, which is not the function of age but of mind set.
You must know that there must be a cleaving to your spouse. You should know that marriage is all about sacrifice, for the comfort and betterment of your spouse. You must know that marriage is not about pressure, passion, pity, lust, but of divine and guinuine love. Thus let us talk about the steps in choosing a life partner. The person must be of the same faith with you. Never marry a person whose faith contradict your faith; as a born again child of God, spirit filled, you are to marry your fellow born again child of God filled with the Holy Spirit.
It is erroneous to think that you will convert the person in your house, please don’t take such risk.The person might be friendly; not someone that is too serious and sense of humour, little thing aggravate him/her, without natural affection and gratitude. You need someone you can play with, communicate with, confide in and feel free with. Please don’t marry a stranger. The person must have a vision for his or her life. It dangerous to marry a person without a vision. When you marry someone that is going no where, he or she will lead you no where.
Marry a person that can boldly tell you where he or she will be in the next 5years, someone that has a clear design and picture of his or her life. Don’t marry any one that is living at the mercy of others. You should marry someone that the Holy Spirit approves for you. It’s not every Christian that is suitable for you. His choice must be considered before any other factor.
Please ensure you follow the leading of the Holy Spirit before you approach any lady as a guy or before you accept any guy as a lady. Above all the scripture should guide you through this critical period of your life.



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