Soul Winning is God’s heart beat for the dying humanity. And the only remedy to this is SALVATION. We have also established the fact that Soul Winning is God’s own Business which must be taken seriously by all His Children. In this post will be considering an all important Principle to quick answer to prayers:Take Charge World the best Church in Owerri


THE WORD OF GOD; In Psalm 68:11 said

“The Lord gave the WORD: GREAT was the company of those that PUBLISHED it.


During Prayers you must note that God hear His Word more than your own words. Rom. 3:4 declares “…Let God be true and every other man be a liar…” Also in Matthew 5:18 “Heaven and Earth will pass away but my Word will remain”. God chose Abram and made him GREAT; Genesis 12:1-3, the way God chose Abram that is the way We are chosen; John 15:16. The same backings Abram had that is the same backings we are having now.


A great man is someone that is master of the art principles that governs the earth. He uses it constantly to advance a cause. As a Son of the Most High God, we are highly advantage by the reason of a higher laws we function with. And that PRINCIPLE is SPREADING THE GOSPEL. Spend your time, talent and treasures to sponsor the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The more you spread the gospel, the greater you will become in your finance, health, career in all things. That is the rule for the game! Praise God forever more!!!



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