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8 Secrets Your Business Mentor Won’t Tell You

8 Secrets Your Business Mentor Won’t Tell You They say no man is an island. A helping hand from an experienced mentor can be valuable for anyone. Still, as someone who’s been on both sides of the mentoring relationship, it’s clear that too many people read more into these arrangements than is actually realistic. A mentor […]

100 Benefits of Speaking in Tongues:

100 Benefits of Speaking in Tongues: 1. Tongues is the entrance into the supernatural. 2. Tongues is the prayer in the New Testament. 3. Tongues is a direct line to talking to God. 4. Tongues is the believer’s direct access to the throne room. 5. Tongues is speaking divine mysteries – divine coded secrets. 6. […]

75 Reasons Why the Bible Condemns Alcohol Beverages

75 REASONS WHY BIBLE CONDEMS ALCOHOL 1.Genesis 9:20-26 – Noah became drunk; the result was immorality and family trouble. 2. Genesis 19:30-38 – Lot was so drunk he did not know what he was doing; this led to immorality 3. Leviticus 10:9-11 – God commanded priests not to drink so that they could tell the difference between the holy […]


BALANCE SHEET Of LIFE: Birth is your Opening Stock. What comes to you is Credit. What goes from you is Debit. Death is your Closing Stock. Your ideas are your Assets. Your bad habits are your Liabilities. Your happiness is your Profit. Your sorrow is your Loss. Your soul is your Goodwill. Your heart is […]


MARRIED IN SCHOOL BUT SINGLE AT HOME. Pls share with teens, youth and Group Chats that care to read and be Enlightened. Welcome to Nigerian campuses where little girls are practising ‘wifely functions’! Just visit the boys’ hostels and you would be disappointed to find out that it is now common for a girl to […]


THE POWER TO MAKE WEALTH part 1 In Greek mythology, Midas is popularly remembered for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold, out of which the phrase “The Midas Touch” was coined. In the corporate world, someone who consistently demonstrates the ability to prosper and flourish is often said to have”The Midas Touch.” […]

Take Charge World

Take Charge World is an Organisation of Successful Vibrant Believers of Christ Jesus who are demonstrating the Fullness of Christ to the whole world. Join this emergence of Kingdom giants that will frustrate and overturn the systems of Satan and his agendas towards mankind! Bringing to bear Joel 2 to reality in our time. Do […]

Gods Mysterious Ways

GOD IS NEVER MYSTERIOUS God has never been a mystery and will never be a mystery to His creation. He is a God of Love and not hatred, from the On set He seek to express His love through Man. The purpose while God created man was to share in His Dominion and in His […]

Heaven can’t wait

HEVEAN CAN’T WAITE The mandate of God requires urgency and speed to excute his plan for Mankind, the truth is that there so much in store that Humans are yet to see from God’s glory. The call of duty is to carryout this assignment now or never! We at Take Charge World burns and run […]