Servant Leadership is the true meaning of leadership. Christ Jesus declares “And said to them, Whoever gives honour to this child in my name, gives honour to me: and whoever gives honour to me, gives honour to him who sent me: for whoever is least among you all, that man is GREAT” Luke 9:48.

th Servant Leadership does not focus on securing positions at the detriment of people. It rather means that a servant leader would prefer to use his resources to glorify God and uplift his followers. He sees power as an instrument of doing good and bringing healing to the hurting. He refrains from using his power to frustrate, intimidate, or alienate those who are opposed to some of his views or approaches. He uses his influence to build bridges of loving relationships among the people under his oversight. A servant leader uses his time, money, gifts, if and when necessary, his life to serve God and the people of God, following the good example of his Master, who laid down his life for the sheep.

‘Leadership is the pursuit of a noble CAUSE in other to advance the Kingdom of God, not necessarily raising followers’ Pst. Patrick Uchechukwu 

The greatest need of the Church and the world today is SERVANT LEADERSHIP… Make yourself available for God’s use today!  God bless you!!